Fit Feasting for All

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Good for you food does NOT have to be boring, bland, or unappealing! 

With delicious lean proteins and a solid cup of vegetables per serving we can help keep you and your families stay on track and fuel your bodies with REAL food that is REAL delicious.

We are merging both meal services, Fit Feasting and Dinner Express, but providing different buying options to best accommodate your needs.  We are also including some wonderful add-ons to help round out your meal needs and desires. Some of them may be more indulgent but we believe in the mindset of everything in moderation!

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Having a hard time deciding which plan works for you?

Here are a few examples of ways customers make our meal plans work for them:

Example 1:  Mary wants to eat healthier on her lunch breaks at work and knows that most days she won’t have time to prepare a lunch for herself as her weekends are busy too.  Dinner at home is not a problem. Individual Meal plan A is perfect to give her lunches all week long.

Example 2:  Jeff and Sue are a BUSY family and both work outside of the home full-time.  They want to eat better for 2020 and also struggle to get dinner on the table for their kids between activities and appointments.  They are going to Order package B of the individual meals and split the package between themselves as well as three meals for Family of Four that they can heat and serve on the three busiest nights of the week for activities so they have a real food dinner on the table with minimal effort.

Example 3:   Karen just found out that her in-laws are going to be in town on Thursday night and that is the same night as piano lessons and late meeting at work.  She is going to order One- Family Meal Package The Whole Crew so she can just heat and serve and not even worry about it!

Example 4:  James hates to cook, he hates to shop, he hates to do dishes but he doesn’t want to eat out every night and loves a good home cooked meal (just by someone else!)  He is going to order 4 sets of Table for Two so he has leftovers to take to work and have meals all week long.  

There are SO many possibilities to make our meals part of your week and make your week a little less stressful!